Who we are, and what we stand for.

For the “Final-Mile”, Channell provides single supplier solutions for totally integrated products and the highest quality coax and fibre connectivity. Complete, high-security cable management ensures network integrity; our broadband enclosures with Heat Dissipation Covers (HDC®), provide active electronics equipment protection from high operating temperatures.

Channell’s complete line of thermoplastic and metal enclosures cover a full spectrum of secure, sealed free-breathing, fibre and active electronics applications for, broadband, digital voice, and power packages for below-ground, above-ground, and network applications.
Using the most technologically advanced tooling and manufacturing equipment and the ability to evolve and customize our products to allow our research and development department to meet the continuously changing needs of the industry.

We help get networks up and running faster with tool-less installation and environmentally sealed connections. With products designed with unique, dependable security features, and for simple, quick installation and increased reliability, Channell ensures complete customer satisfaction.

Headquartered in Temecula, CA, Channell operates manufacturing and distribution facilities in Southern California and Sydney Australia. International operations include facilities in London, UK, and Toronto, Canada. To view Channell’s locations, click here.


Class-winning design

Our design process rivals that of our largest competitors


Developing new ideas

We don’t rest. Channell has a commitment to constant innovation.


We aim to serve

We serve a large and diverse customer base around the world.


At Channell, we are constantly evolving our products to better answer the changing needs of the industry. We have a product development team devoted to customizing our products and creating new solutions to meet the unique requirements of each network application. Our research and development team is ready to assist with any challenge. We also believe it is vital to have a select sales and customer service team; individuals dedicated to meet the needs of each client. Our salespeople are completely versed in Channell’s entire line of products. And they are better equipped to offer true solutions and help protect network integrity. Once your requirements are defined, a product development team will design the actual product. Through collaboration with our engineers, technical specialists and product marketing managers, we can quickly bring new products to market.

We envision what you need to succeed…

Our product development process begins with a comprehensive understanding of the application and your unique requirements. We find out what you need based on factors such as your network parameters, location, market and specifications. After we’ve determined your requirements, our team converts your wish-list into a product concept, visually displayed in 3-D via computer-aided design (CAD) program. From here, we can create a prototype using a state-of-the-art modeling machine that’s integrated with our CAD system. So, when you’re satisfied with what you see on the computer screen, we can create a model to verify your design specifications.

…and we turn it into a reality.

After a final design is selected, we proceed to the manufacturing phase and ramp up for full production. With Channell facilities all over the world, we believe you should have the home field advantage. Much of our manufacturing is completed locally. We receive the raw materials and produce the product ourselves. We rely on the most technologically advanced tooling and manufacturing equipment to ensure quality. Our highly skilled manufacturing personnel are trained to produce the finest products in the industry. We oversee the entire manufacturing process ourselves. And as part of our ISO 9000 certification, all of our processes are well documented. So, if any problems should arise, our team can quickly step in to resolve them. We’ll continue to assist you after your product reaches the end of the assembly line by expediting distribution and support in the field. If you’ve got a big idea, we’ll help you make something of it.

Channell’s Ongoing Committment to Quality

The Channell Commercial Corporation Quality Management System is certified to the ISO 9001:2000 and TL 9000 standards by BSI Americas.

Channell Quality Policy: “Channell will provide and continually improve product and service excellence to meet requirements and to exceed customer expectations”

Channell Commercial designs and manufactures a series of diverse product lines including thermoplastic and metal fabricated enclosures, advanced copper termination and connectorization products, fiber-optic cable management systems supplied to communications network operators worldwide and polyethylene water storage tanks distributed in markets throughout Australia. Channell’s continued success depends on the timely identification and clearly-focused attention on rapidly changing industry-specific and customer requirements. To do so requires that Channell maintain a consistent, yet versatile system of technological capabilities, industry best practices and business processes.

Channell Commercial Corporation employs the ISO 9001:2000 and TL 9000 standards as a business process and improvement template to ensure that its quality/business management system meets Channell’s current and on-going customer, quality, cost and business needs. Doing so then enables Channell to equate customer satisfaction with business revenue and company success.