FiberX is the team of superhero products that's dedicated to the protetion of fiber optics and all outside plant infrastructure. They work individually and together using their superior design, innovation, and strength to defeat any natural or man-made threats accross the universe.
Protection From The Elements
Our Fiber X closures all have the sheer strength and long-lasting durability needed to guarantee the safety of the world’s fiber optics and outside plant infrastructure demands. Their goal is to defeat the elements of hostile environments and make our world a better place.
BULK: The Underground Leader
Bulk is the strongest vault system in the industry. Bulk features one universal vault body that is upgradeable to meet the standards of light, medium, and heavy duty applications by simply changing its lid or ring design.

Impervious Vault System

The Bulk is an upgradeable re-enterable cable management vault system series with the highest performance standards in the industry, making it the leader of the underground.
Bulk features embedded factory installed racking, which gives Bulk the ability to be upgraded to a heavy duty application by simply changing the lid. Bulk also eliminates the need for a ring and includes standard racking, which provides optimal cable organization.
Wherever you are, channell.com offers a Bulk Vault System to fit your application. The Bulk features one universal vault body that is upgradeable to meet the standards of light, medium, and heavy duty applications simply by changing the lid or ring design. Specifications vary based on country, so be sure to review the guidelines that apply to your region.
Light Duty
  • Targeted to light pedestrian use/light vehicular traffic including residential and parklands.
  • Vault body is made of HDPE structural foam; flush mounted racking is standard.
  • Lid features an L-bolt lock.
  • Vault body is upgradable to medium and heavy duty applications with a simple change in the lid.
Medium Duty
  • Used in areas of frequent pedestrian traffic and occasional vehicular traffic including sidewalks and traffic dividers.
  • Vault body is made of HDPE structural foam; flush mounted racking is standard.
  • L-bolt or bolt down cover versions available.
  • Optional composite or galvanized steel ring.
  • Vault body is upgradeable to heavy duty applications with a simple change in lid.
Heavy Duty
  • Used where light truck and auto traffic occur sporadically, including driveways, alleys, and secondary roads.
  • Vault body is made of HDPE structural foam; flush mounted racking is standard.
  • Drop in SHIELD lid or ductile iron lid options available.
  • Bolt down lid version only
  • Composite or ductile iron ring is available for concrete or asphalt applications.
SHIELD: The New Solution
The elements have created havoc for the world of outside plant pit covers for years. Now comes hope in the form of a new protective weapon - BULK with SHIELD.

This Is Shield

Shield is the most innovative pit cover system in the world today. One body does it all with three lid options, providing increased strength and safety. SHIELD uses the most advanced materials and design to provide safety for craft and consumers in over 100 countries worldwide.
  • Stronger than concrete covers
  • Stronger than polymer concrete covers
  • Performs in many applications where steel covers are used.
  • Comparable to cast irons covers
Every SHIELD cover tested in BULK meets or exceeds Tier 22 Standards, AS3996 Class C, and EN124 Class B125 load levels. SHIELD is also fantastic for the following applications:
  • Telecommunications
  • Utility
  • Mining
  • Light Rail
  • Oil & Gas
  • Government
SUPERBULK: The Heavy Duty Solution
SUPERBULK covers and chambers were designed to work in "Deliberate Traffic" load applications.


SUPERBULK Applications
  • Alleyways
  • Parking Lots
  • Truck Delivery Zones
  • Driveways
SUPERBULK products are designed to meet:
  • H20: 40,000 lbf (179kN)
  • ASTM-C457: 45,136 lbf (200kN)
  • AS/NZ-3996 Class D: 47,000 lbf (210 kN)
  • H25: 50,000 lbf (222.4 kN)
  • EN124 Class C250: 56,200 lbf (250 kN)
Learn More About Shield
Flash and the Bulk have joined forces to bring you strength, accessibility, and an optimal above and below ground fiber optic splice and cable management system. Together, this dynamic duo is invinsible against any hostile environment it encounters.

Sealed Fiber Pedestals

Flash is a tough, environmentally sealed pedestal series that serves as the ultimate protector in extremely hostile weather environments.
Flash is environmentally sealed, meaning that it's air and water tight, weatherproof and flood proof, it meets test standards (GR-771-CORE, IP68, and IC 61300), and it has structural integrity (Impact, Solvent, and UV Resistent).
Above Ground Pedestal Applications:
  • Plugs directly into Bulk's split thermoplastic lid.
  • Is easily accessible in hostile weather environments and in areas that require regular access.
Below Ground Closure Applications:
  • Attaches Directly to Bulk's swing arm bracket.
  • Is less susceptible to damage and out of sight in areas of high traffic.
  • Can house a variety of closures and dome lengths, depending upon vault size.
Conventional Fiber
Flash is a powerfully versatile product series due to its wide range of capabilities and customizable configurations. Flash offers solutions to both flown fiber and conventional fiber placement methodologies.
Splice Tray Design
  • Hinged, stackable, and removable, which enables technicians to splice inside the closure, or remove trays and splice outside of the closure.
  • Accomodates single-fusion, mass-fusion, or machanical.
  • Each splice tray accomodates up to 24 single-stacked splices or 48 double-stacked.
  • Compatible with passive optical filters such as: multiplexers, splitters, and patch panels
Slack Storage Tray
  • Allows any expressed or uncut tubers/fibers to be looped, stored, and routed within the back of the closure.
  • Permits more slack and better organization.
  • Locakable drop door access
  • Optional compsite or galzanized steel ring.
Splice Holders
  • Accommodate, secure, and protect single-stacked or double-stacked splice
  • Each splice tray features 2 splice holders
  • Each holder has a max capacity of 12 single-stacked spliced or 24 double-stacked splices.
  • Accomodates passive optical compontents such as splitters and CWDM multiplexers.

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